Farm Stay

Experience Wyoming. To do that, you need an interesting place to overnight in your camper or RV with Internet, cell service, bathroom and laundry facilities. Don’t be stressed by tourist traps and the crowds when you should enjoy exploring the Wild West! Stop watching Wyoming slide past your windshield. Because, life stories should be owned.


To join Melissa in living Wyoming:

1) Book your farm stay on the Vanly app and park your camper or RV in the farm yard.

2) Throw in for any farm task and enjoy nearby mountain pursuits.

3) Create your Wyoming story.

Book now, because there is a single parking space at Melissahof. Because, when you overnight at Melissahof, there is no staid tour.

Melissahof poultryThe roosters will crow at sunrise. Esther Hobart Morris, the resident livestock guardian dog, will bark to prevent coyotes, foxes, etc. from dining on chicken. You can throw in for any tasks of the day. There are twice daily pasture walks to move irrigation water when you may be chased by the resident pair of Sandhill cranes protecting their colt. Eggs are gathered from the 90 plus laying hens twice daily. You will step in manure. The mobile coops are rotated weekly to move the poultry to fresh pasture. Cattle are rotated every few days, too. Keep an eye to the sky to spot American kestrels, Northern harriers, Short-eared owls, and other raptors. In the day’s remaining light, there’s six varieties of gourmet garlic to weed.

Happy Trails

Remember, though, you’re on vacation! Melissahof is located five miles from Lander, Wyoming. A 15-year resident of Lander, Melissa knows the best eateries, mountain trails to suit your recreational pursuits, and town celebrations not to be missed. Melissa is six states away from her Bucket List goal to visit all 50 states. She worked for NOLS for eight years, and now operates Melissahof and leads a Local Food Economy project. She believes plants, animals, and people intersect within agriculture, which is determined by how we eat.

Don’t just visit Wyoming. Live it. Book your farm stay now.