Great Workshop

I wanted to say that I so enjoyed your class and was so impressed by your unbelievable setup for all the stages of chicken raising.  I loved your sustainable approach to coops.  Everything was so well thought out and novel to me!

And your innovative food choice made your eggs the best I’ve ever tasted— better than my own!

Fresh Eggs from Happy Hens!

Eggs from Melissa’s happy hens never fail to please. Nutrition, quiche, boiled, or scrambled all part of healthy and healing eating for me. Visits with Melissa include updates on the flock, the latest new offering, and steps to ensure flock health and vigor. Thank you!

Impressed and grateful

I am so impressed & grateful for a wonderful business like this! I first ordered a frozen chicken & have since ordered another. It was very clean & great tasting & without all the “bad” stuff. I got 3 pullets in October that have been laying regularly for at least a month. They are hearty birds & did well in that below zero temperatures. Recently, I noticed the frozen garlic which is wonderful. It’s so good to support a Wyoming business that is doing things right. Yes it costs more but doing what’s right often does.