You silly chicken!

I recently bought 6 replacement buckeye pullets. One of the girls seemed pretty friendly, so I may have encouraged that a little and fed her mealworms out of my hand.  She now runs to greet me at the door in the morning and has been known to assault my husbands feet as he gets out of his car (he really should tie his shoelaces ). Buckeyes are known to be active yet gentle in temperament, and so far these girls are true to form! The problem is with Fin the dog. An excellent retriever, he is utterly flummoxed that I have a chicken following me around that periodically and unexpectedly makes an attempt at stealing my ring and bites my finger which causes a yelp followed by gales of laughter and an occasional “Staaap you silly chicken!” I might need to get some more buckeyes. I really like their temperament.

Buckeye Hen Shares

buckeye girl is super sweet!!  and doing well, already sharing the nest boxes

I’ll be ordering again

They all are doing fantastic. Thank you so much! I’ll be ordering from you again next time too 🙂 have a blessed day!