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Ship Hatching Eggs Nationally?

Yes! Melissahof poultry are certified under the USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) as clean from pullorum-typhoid and H5/H7 avian influenza. Under NPIP, hatching eggs can be shipped to most US states, including Alaska and Hawai’i. There are some states that require additional permits and animal health testing. If you reside in Florida, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota or Texas, please contact Melissa prior to ordering hatching eggs.

For your happy flock, you need hearty stock, which is why Melissa selects breeding stock according to each breeds’ standard of perfection. The breeding hens and roosters are refined by the pastured life in the high altitude (Melissahof is at 5,400 feet in elevation), semi-arid climate of Wyoming.

Here’s how to keep your flock hearty:

  1. Order your hatching eggs.
  2. Melissa will schedule shipment with you.
  3. You set the eggs in your incubator or under a broody hen.

Hatching eggs are shipped out of Lander, Wyoming 82520 via the US Postal Service on Mondays to avoid them sitting in a US Post Office over a weekend. The eggs are cushioned by foam shippers crafted to transport eggs.

  • Melissahof is unable to guarantee the hatchability of any eggs due to conditions outside of Melissa’s control during shipping and incubation.
  • Melissahof does guarantee that your eggs will be shipped fresh and in excellent condition.
  • All hatching eggs are shipped prepaid US Priority Mail, categorized as fragile, and are insured. Open the box(es) that contain your hatching eggs at your Post Office and report any damaged eggs to your Post Office or delivery driver, including separated chalazae.

Currently, Melissahof hatching eggs and live poultry cannot be shipped to Canada. Also, Melissahof does not ship live poultry – baby chicks or started pullets – outside of Wyoming.

Delivery within Wyoming for live poultry and hatching eggs is available through the local food hub. For this option, select Eat Wyoming shipping when you check out. Read more about this Wyoming delivery option here.

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Wyo Wide Transport

The mountains and sagebrush plains of Wyoming are vast. We’re used to driving long distances, but you may not have time to drive to Lander – location of Melissahof – to pick up your chick order.

For your convenience, Melissahof partners with Eat Wyoming, a state-wide virtual farmers’ market, to transport orders within Wyoming.  The Eat Wyoming driver will ensure your chicks are warm and safe on their drive across the state to a pick-up locatEat Wyoming Transportion near you.

  1. Order Melissahof chicks now,
  2. enter a zip code of your Wyoming town or a population center near you,
  3. and complete your purchase. 

Your chicks will ride shotgun, in a comfy box, on the front seat in a delivery van’s cab. They’ll arrive healthy and happy, and you skip hours of driving.