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Hen Guarantee

Many folks keep chickens for their freshly laid eggs. On average, seven hens will lay at least 2-dozen eggs a week. It’s disappointing when many of the pullet chicks – young hens – purchased for your flock turn out to be roosters.

Accurately sexing day-old chicks is imprecise, which causes mistaken gender identity from even the commercial hatcheries. If you live in a town where roosters are unallowable due to their audible crowing, it’s a problem to have supposed pullet chicks actually be roosters. It’s a hassle to re-home unwanted roosters, and you may not want to process them for chicken meat.

Salmon Faverolles hens.

Melissahof solves this for you with a Hen Guarantee! With notification by September 1st that your order of pullet chicks contained a rooster or two, Melissa will swap started pullets for roosters in healthy condition. Live roosters can either be returned personally to the farm, or you can pay for Eat Wyoming transportation.

Melissa will add the superfluous roosters to the pen of “McNuggets” – the Melissahof roosters that live on pasture until they meet their destiny as nutritious chicken meat.

Order Melissahof chicks now to ensure that all of your chicks will be your future laying hens. Now, that’s something to crow about!

*Hen Guarantee only applies to orders of female chicks. Unsexed orders are not covered.