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Wyo Wide Transport

The mountains and sagebrush plains of Wyoming are vast. We’re used to driving long distances, but you may not have time to drive to Lander – location of Melissahof – to pick up your chick order.

For your convenience, Melissahof partners with Eat Wyoming, a state-wide virtual farmers’ market, to transport orders within Wyoming.  The Eat Wyoming driver will ensure your chicks are warm and safe on their drive across the state to a pick-up locatEat Wyoming Transportion near you.

  1. Order Melissahof chicks now,
  2. enter a zip code of your Wyoming town or a population center near you,
  3. and complete your purchase. 

Your chicks will ride shotgun, in a comfy box, on the front seat in a delivery van’s cab. They’ll arrive healthy and happy, and you skip hours of driving.