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Eat Healthy?

At Melissahof we know that you want to be a community supporter – of farmers, ranchers and working landscapes. For you to do that, you need good food. Much of available chicken meat can be bland and woody, which is disgusting, and deprives you of healthy life. Melissa believes food connects us. That you have the right to flavorful, nutrient-dense food, which why she raises poultry to regenerate people and land alike.

Here’s how we do it together:

  1. Melissa pasture raises rooster chicks from her hatchery and harvests them.
  2. You order the Melissahof pastured heritage chicken meat on or
  3. You eat healthy and holistically.

So, order now. And, in the meantime, you plan out your good food. There’s chicken dumplings, pot pie, pan-fried, fricasseed, souffle, and so much more deliciousness!

Stop eating chalky chicken and instead enjoy the flavor of Wyoming community.