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How to Eat Melissahof

Melissa understands that you want to be a community supporter – of farmers, ranchers and landscape. For you to do that, you need good food. Food that connects us. That is raised and grown in a holistic manner to regenerate landscape and provide us with a resilient food system.

Melissahof holistic eatsMelissa raises the rooster chicks hatched at Melissahof Hatchery on pasture, with no hormones and antibiotics, and harvests them in the autumn. These heritage meatbirds are offered as packaged whole chicken, necks, organ meats and feet.

Where does the garlic come in? Melissa grows several varieties of heirloom garlic without synthetic chemicals. Because garlic is planted in the autumn and harvested in summer, tending it balances well with the spring hatch season of baby chicks. Winter, and its dormancy, is the season of rest on Melissahof.

Stock your kitchen with Melissahof holistic eats: