Discount Pkg: Heavyweight Roosters


Assortment of Dominique, Buckeye, Blue-laced Red Wyandotte, Salmon Faverolles and Partridge Chantecler male heavy breed chicks for you to raise for your table. Harvest them early as fryers, or later for roasting birds.

Impressed and grateful

I am so impressed & grateful for a wonderful business like this! I first ordered a frozen chicken & have since ordered another. It was very clean & great tasting & without all the “bad” stuff. I got 3 pullets in October that have been laying regularly for at least a month. They are hearty birds & did well in that below zero temperatures. Recently, I noticed the frozen garlic which is wonderful. It’s so good to support a Wyoming business that is doing things right. Yes it costs more but doing what’s right often does.

Cindy Townsend

Smart, smart chickens

My rooster sneaks in when the cats come in for the night and he helps himself to their supper….
Melissahof poultry are smart, very smart, chickens.

Salmon Faverolles chickens are amazing!

We purchased Salmon Faverolles pullets and a rooster from Melissa delivered via Eat Wyoming. It was a quick and easy process. The chickens are healthy and laying wonderful eggs and we’re so glad we purchased them through Melissahof Hatchery! Highly recommend!



Melissa is so kind & knowledgeable! We are so excited to get our chicks from her this spring!

Kaeley Owen

You silly chicken!

I recently bought 6 replacement buckeye pullets. One of the girls seemed pretty friendly, so I may have encouraged that a little and fed her mealworms out of my hand.  She now runs to greet me at the door in the morning and has been known to assault my husbands feet as he gets out of his car (he really should tie his shoelaces ). Buckeyes are known to be active yet gentle in temperament, and so far these girls are true to form! The problem is with Fin the dog. An excellent retriever, he is utterly flummoxed that I have a chicken following me around that periodically and unexpectedly makes an attempt at stealing my ring and bites my finger which causes a yelp followed by gales of laughter and an occasional “Staaap you silly chicken!” I might need to get some more buckeyes. I really like their temperament.


Pullets in Fine Shape

The little girls arrived in fine shape. What a nice little group they are. Am very pleased!


Faverolles hens dressed for winter

My girls love their snowshoes and earmuffs!

Sam Browall



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