Salmon Faverolles


Originally bred in France to lay eggs for the Paris winter market, Faverolles are now listed as threatened with fewer than 5,000 chickens registered globally. The breed is named for the village of Faverolles, located in the Eure-et-Loire region just southwest of Paris. The Faverolles were imported into America in 1901.

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Characteristics: Active, yet gentle. The breed sports a beard, muff, feathered legs and feet, and a fifth toe. Males are straw-colored with reddish brown and black markings. Females are a creamy white and salmon brown.

Eggs: Medium-sized, Cream. Average 150-180 eggs annually. Hens occasionally go broody.

Meat: A dual-purpose heavy breed for eggs and meat, the males average 8 lbs mature weight and females 6.5 lbs.

Cold Tolerance: The breed was developed for winter egg laying and has thick plumage and stocky build.

*Note: Melissahof selects Faverolles breeding stock with smaller single combs than specified by breed standard due to extreme frost bite from Wyoming’s cold climate.




The Livestock Conservancy provides the below history of the heritage breed:

The Faverolles chicken breed takes its name from the village of Faverolles, located in the Eure-et-Loire region just southwest of Paris, France. The breed was developed by crossing many other chicken breeds and then selecting for production qualities alone. Breeds used in its development were the Houdan, Brahma, French Rennes, Flemish Cuckoo, Malines, and Dorking. For many years Faverolles chickens were a varied and mixed lot, but by about 1886 a distinct type emerged and some consistency in plumage color materialized. The breed was introduced into England in 1894 and was imported into America by Dr. A.H. Phelps of Glen Falls, NY, in 1901 or 1902.

Faverolles chickens come in many color varieties, but in America only the Salmon and the White varieties have been embraced. The White variety was developed and refined about 1905. When most people think of the Faverolles breed it is the Salmon variety that they are visualizing. Salmon is a unique color pattern found exclusively on the Faverolles chicken. The males appear as a much lighter colored Golden Duckwing compared to males of other breeds. The females appear as a much more lightly colored Wheaten than females of other breeds.

Favorelles chickens are medium-sized, with deep compact bodies, feathered shanks and toes, and beards. With their “fluffy” appearance, it is easy to overlook the fact that this breed was developed with meat production and winter egg laying with the great Paris market in mind. Faverolles chickens combine early maturity, hardiness, and great egg-laying with fine flesh qualities. During the 1900s it was considered the best French breed yet produced. Faverolles chickens are recognized as a standard breed by the American Poultry Association in two varieties: Salmon in 1914; White in 1981.

Faverolles hens dressed for winter

My girls love their snowshoes and earmuffs!

Sam Browall

Broody hens now happy!

Got my eggs today! Thank you! They came in perfect condition! And thank you for the two extra Wyandotte eggs! My broody hens are happy campers now!



Excited to order more eggs from you! I had such a great hatch rate with them and the chickens are beautiful!


Chicken door dash

Thanks Melissa! The girls (named Delilah, Doodle and Dede) arrived safe and sound. May daughter is calling Eat Wyoming “Chicken Door Dash”. 😂


Safe and sound.

Everyone arrived safe and sound. Now the wait begins 😂thank you for the beautiful eggs💕

Rockbell Ranch

I’ll be ordering again

They all are doing fantastic. Thank you so much! I’ll be ordering from you again next time too 🙂 have a blessed day!



Are the absolute cutest little busy cottonballs. I mean all baby chicks are adorable but god these guys are so damn cute. Thank you for sharing their little lives with me. I deeply appreciate it.

Anna S.

My sweet sleeping babies

Just a crazy chicken lady saying thank you for superior quality chicks!



Salmon Faverolles chickens are amazing!

We purchased Salmon Faverolles pullets and a rooster from Melissa delivered via Eat Wyoming. It was a quick and easy process. The chickens are healthy and laying wonderful eggs and we’re so glad we purchased them through Melissahof Hatchery! Highly recommend!



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