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Few of us give any thought to where our food comes from or how it’s raised. Our main concerns are centered around food being plentiful and relatively cheap.

But a few farmers and ranchers around Wyoming are trying to change the way we think about food. One of them is Melissa Hemken, a pastured-poultry producer who farms 35 irrigated acres outside Lander. Read more of the article here.




Wyoming Public Radio Open Spaces

The 2023 egg shortage hit Wyoming hard. Melissa was interviewed for a Wyoming Public Radio story on eggs, chickens, and the importance of buying local for a resilient food system.  Click on this link to listen or read the transcript.




APA BlogMelissa has found that some investment in poultry-specific equipment advances cleanliness for the chickens and their eggs, reduces the risk of disease transmission, decreases feed loss, and promotes operational efficiency. She blogged about her favorite poultry equipment for the American Poultry Association.



Know how your eggs got laidJACKSON, Wyo. — Sustainable food, including your breakfast eggs, provide ecosystem services to regenerate our Wyoming lands, according to Melissa Hemken, owner of Melissahof farm. Melissahof’s poultry flocks – Buckeye, Wyandotte and Faverolles – live in mobile coops and day pens to rotate frequently to fresh pasture, with its forage, insects, and nutrients, near Lander, Wyoming. A fourth flock, the Dominique, free range the farm. Read more on


Pre-order locally hatched chicks

(Lander, WY) – Chick hatching season is right around the corner for Lander’s Melissahof Hatchery, and they are now taking pre-orders for their four heritage breeds: Salmon Faverolles, Blue-laced Red Wyandotte, Dominique, and Buckeye. All four are dual-purpose heavy breeds, which are good for both meat and eggs. Read more on




As a guest blogger for the American Poultry Association, Melissa wrote about how Melissahof Hatchery was hatched. Read more here on this link.


Coop de Trailer Park blog



When you pick up your chicks at Melissahof, you’ll notice lots of trailers retrofitted into mobile coops. Melissa blogged about the retrofit process for the American Poultry Association.